Saturday, 17 December 2011

The plumber cometh?

In July/August of this year I mentioned to a plumber acquaintance that the kitchen tap needed replacing as it had virtually seized up with limescale and also the bathroom wash basin taps needed replacing as the chrome finish had discoloured.  OK, he said.

Early September he asked if he could come round to inspect the taps so he knew what was required.  OK, I said.

The penultimate day of September he rang to ask if he could come 'after 10 am' the following day.  As we were planning a rare long weekend away I asked if he could be more specific and we eventually agreed a set time.  He was early for this appointment which bode well, looked at what was required and went away, saying he would contact me when the taps arrived.  OK, I said.

A week or so later I received a phone call, asking if I could take photos of the taps with certain measurements and email them to him.  OK, I said.

It then went very quiet until around late November when two boxes were delivered, containing taps - followed by a phone call asking if I would inspect them and advise if they were suitable.  OK, I said.

Inspection duly took place and plumber advised of suitability and asked to let me know when he could come and fit them.  OK, he said.

It is now a week before Christmas and there is still no sign of the plumber coming to fit the taps.  The kitchen cold tap now completely refuses to work at all and has been dismantled to the extent that it takes a large spanner to turn it on.  Not very convenient if I need a glass of water in the middle of the night!  I have today resorted to writing to Father Christmas with a plea for new taps for Christmas and just hope that he will say OK.


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