Thursday, 24 July 2014

A good year for butterflies

Everyone is talking about what a good year it's been for butterflies and I have been lucky enough to snap more than two this year.  

I'm quite pleased with what I've seen so far in 2014 and thought other people might like to see the variety too.

Maniola jurtina - Meadow Browns

Anthocharis cardamines - Orange Tip

Aglais io - Peacock

Papilio machaon - Swallowtail

Aglais urticae - Small Tortoiseshell

I can now add another couple to the gallery.  Not sure of their names, but they're quite pretty.

Small blue

Small blue or common blue?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

That car again!

A couple of weeks ago, the skipper said that my car was sounding a "bit fruity"!  I did suggest that perhaps he meant "throaty" but he just grinned.

I eventually found time to get it to the garage today and after it was taken away to put up on the ramp and be inspected, the lovely Diane came over and told me it was my cat.  I thought "it must be the neighbours' cat, as we haven't got one and OMG is it dead....?"  

Thankfully, before I opened my mouth, I suddenly realised she was talking about something called the catalytic converter which sounded seriously expensive to me. However, as I think I must have been helping to kill the environment for the last two or so weeks I have to bite the bullet and get it fixed!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

8 July 2014

On the 8 July 1984 my son was killed in a car accident.  He was a back seat passenger in a car which was overloaded with youngsters and went out of control.  The other youngsters all survived with minor injuries.

He was 17 years and 9 months old when he died and even though it’s now 30 years since his death, he will always be loved and remembered by his family and friends.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A walk on the outskirts of Norwich city

Although I’ve lived in Norfolk for nearly forty years I’d never turned left down a lane on the outskirts of Norwich, which had intrigued me for many years.  I think at one time it was signposted to Eaton village but then become a ‘dead end’ road with access for cycles and walkers only.

I met a friend in Norwich today, intending to go for a walk at Whitlingham Country Park but when we set off I turned in the wrong direction!  I could have easily found my way back to our original destination but then my friend said she knew of a walk by the river and to my delight she directed me down this little lane which had intrigued me for so long!

There was a small car park so we got out and it was a journey of discovery for me, with the network of footpaths through fields and marshes, alongside the river (we debated which river it was and she felt it was the Tas whilst my instincts told me it was the Yare *)

Masses of butterflies and damsel flies were on the thistles and nettles along the footpath, which meandered by the crystal clear river. 

We came to a junction and my friend suggested we have a look at Keswick Mill which was well worth the detour.  What a beautiful spot just outside Norwich although the occasional train, probably heading towards Ely, and the distant hum of the by-pass told us that civilisation was only a short distance away.  Keswick Mill

Back up the path, across the railway line and we walked past Eaton Vale scout and guide activity centre and then on to the road which quickly led to Waitrose where we stopped for a welcome cup of coffee.

Back down the road, off to the right and we were back on to the footpaths and then it was a short trek across the slightly damp and marshy fields to the car park.

What a revelation for me and I really enjoyed it.  Will certainly be going again.  
Thanks Hilary!!

  • I checked on Google Earth and it was the Yare, of which the Tas seems to be a tributary which runs south