Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Nothing in particular

A day at home with loads of jobs to do but no motivation!  Wrapped up a few presents, wrote the odd few last Christmas cards to deliver by hand locally and took a few photos around the place.

Nothing much left in the garden apart from the crabapples, mahonia and a couple of bits of ceanothus 

I need to venture further afield - maybe tomorrow.

I would love to see the Geminids meteor shower tonight but can't think of anywhere high enough to watch from. One of the drawbacks of living in Norfolk .....


  1. Did cards, wrote a 'to-do' list. That's quite enough.

  2. I'm on my third 'to-do' list - can't seem to get it quite right!

  3. I've given up on 'to-do' lists. I write 'can't be bothered to-do' lists instead. Saves so much effort.

  4. I used to live on a wing and a prayer with no lists but with advancing age I find that six trips to the shops in one day or the frustration of going out to the garage only to forget why, has outweighed the effort of writing a list - although it usually gets lost amongst all the other lists!

  5. If you ARE writing a list (I tend to do so, for example, when going away; it says things like 'pack'), a tip: always add an empty bullet point at the end. This will help you to remember whatever it is you've forgotten.


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