Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nut loaf

I made a nut loaf on Monday but because of a power cut that evening, I couldn't cook it until last night. Having eaten some of it for supper, my original view has been reinforced - nut loaf is rubbish!  How can that be, when the individual ingredients are all so good?
My loaf contained nuts (cashew), red lentils, red pepper, onion, leek, mushrooms, spelt breadcrumbs, egg and the appropriate seasoning - all good ingredients but when mixed together ended up being totally tasteless and bland!

The only redeeming feature was the tomato sauce!

Anyone got a good nut loaf recipe, as I do like the idea of it?


  1. Um, no. In fact I think I'll start one of those lists: "100 Things Not To Do Before You Die." Item 1: "make a nut loaf."

  2. Well, it sounds good - I don't think I know either. nj njjjjjjbubjbn (sorry, that was the dog)

    Tim, fine idea - the list, that is. I'm sure you could achieve the ultimate nut roast.

  3. Z has drummed up some interest, Sue - have a look at the comments on her blog. Adding some gruyere cheese sounds promising. Still on my don't do list though (and am working on the other 99 items ...)

  4. I think you're both right about the list - and I too would add the 'make a nut loaf'.

    The gravy we had with it tonight was tasty .....

  5. Tim, you've just reminded me that mature cheddar was in the ingredients, but didn't help! Perhaps I should have used gruyere.

    The one with spinach, gruyere and mushroom gravy sounds good. Shall I have another go? Hmmm ....

  6. I came to send you the link, but I see you've already checked it. I liked Dinahmo's remark about 'tasty nut loaf'...

  7. Z - many thanks, this recipe does sound good. I'm not quite ready to give it another go yet but when I do, I'll report back!


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