Thursday, 3 November 2011


I am reminded of when I was young and used to stand dominoes on end in a row, push the first one over which then toppled all the others in turn.

First in the ‘row’ was the dishwasher last year.  The control panel burnt out and was irreparable, which I thought was a bit much after only 10 years of frequent use!

When the dishwasher fell over, it hit the PVR which took a while to fall over but eventually had to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.  They very quickly lost it and after many emails and phone calls from me, offered a replacement, believe it or not Free of Charge!!

As the PVR fell, it hit the A3 colour printer which has always hated me!  I have tried talking nicely to it and being gentle to no avail!  I have opened the window and threatened it with death, I have punched it and kicked it but it just refuses to eat the photo paper more than once out of ten attempts.

As it is falling, it has glanced off the washing machine which did a mad dance out of its cosy home, across the kitchen floor to the extent of the hose, banging and crashing until the fuse box decided enough was enough.

So far, it is perilously close to the microwave, the toaster and the television but hasn’t yet decided which way to fall.  Perhaps I should just push everything over and be done with it!