Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The following email was sent to a company called Henshaw Coaches based in Nottinghamshire.  I felt strongly enough to write to the company and don't feel my comments were unfair in any way.
"We were driving west on the A47 near Norwich on Sunday 2nd November, mid afternoon, in heavy rain, travelling at 70 mph when one of your coaches struggled to overtake us.  When the coach eventually got past us, the driver immediately pulled in in front of us, causing us to brake and also covering us with water spray from the road conditions.

We then reached an upward incline in the road and his speed slowed so much that we had to overtake him to keep our speed up and get out of the water spray.  As we passed him, he made as if to pull out in front of us - appearing to be annoyed that we had overtaken him, although we gave no indication that this was the case.  I peered at the driver as we passed and he was gesticulating with his hand and mouthing words at us, for no reason that we were aware of.

We then came to another downward incline and he came up very close behind us, as if to overtake.  However by this time there was traffic passing us and ahead of us with no space for him to pull in so he stayed very close behind us which was where he was when we reached our junction and came off the A47.

This seemed to us to be inconsiderate, intimidating and aggressive driving, unnecessary in the poor weather conditions and we felt that you should be made aware of it as it reflects badly on your company name.  The coach registration was LX03 KPG."
The response I got from the company was as follows - nothing more!
I didn't think this reflected particularly well on the company but did suggest that this was hardly the point I was trying to make but they might like to check the governors on this particular coach!! 

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