Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Oh how we laughed!

A good friend and I had lunch together last week and, as it was a nice day, after lunch we decided to drive to a pretty nearby village.

Before getting to the village we saw a sign advertising eggs for sale so drove up the lane to the farm and were met by an elderly chap and his four (or maybe five) dogs.

He told us that his wife dealt with the eggs and went off to ask her if she had any; in the meantime we noticed a box by the house wall with some cauliflower bits in it.

When the chap returned to say they had sold out of eggs, my friend asked him if he had any 'caulis'.  His response was “no, they’re spaniels”.  I don’t know how we kept straight faces and my friend spluttered “I know they’re spaniels, I meant cauliflowers”.

We’re still laughing about this, nearly a week later.



  1. Good job you didn't ask him if you could have a leek.

  2. I didn't think of that! Perhaps next time .....


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