Thursday, 4 April 2013

My shoes

My shoes won a prize this week!

I have had a pair of Cotton Traders suede slip-on shoes for a number of years and just happened to notice that they were offering a prize for one of their items "which had stood the test of time" so, on impulse, I snapped my old shoes and sent them the photo.

I was quite surprised to learn that my shoes had won and today I received a leather holdall and some "travel accessories" (a luggage weighing thingie, a suitcase locking thingie and one of those neck shaped blow up cushion thingies).

What a shame that I hardly ever travel anywhere, but I doubt Cotton Traders knew that. 


  1. Wow! I shall check M&S website to see if they're offering anything on old shirts, socks or pants.

  2. Yes, get that camera out and start snapping your 1980 pants!

  3. Gosh - I think I'd better photograph my entire wardrobe - everything in it is about 20 years old!!!


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