Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I am seriously impressed by the number of birthday greetings I received on Facebook this year!  I counted 39, which strangely coincides with the year in which I was born.  I should say that this was in addition to all the birthday cards from family and close friends and I should mention the lovely and most acceptable gifts from family.

Whilst I would not wish to be seen as cynical, I did wonder how many of the 39 birthday wishes were actually genuine, or just a reaction to something popping up on Facebook to say it was my birthday.  So many of the 39 wouldn't even know the date of my birthday without this timely reminder and many of the 39 who appeared to genuinely wish me 'happy birthday' have never met me.

I am also slightly amused by the greetings which say 'hope you have a great / the best / day'.  At my age a birthday is not something to be especially celebrated, except by the fact that I have actually attained another year and it is recognised with a simple pleasure, such as an extra G&T in the evening, or leaving the kitchen in a mess until the next morning.

However, I was very grateful for the attention via Facebook and I shall continue to (genuinely) wish all my friends a happy birthday on their due dates .... as long as FB reminds me!

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