Monday, 6 February 2012

60 years ago

I was at school when the King died and can remember being called into an assembly where the news was broken.  It was very sad and a lot of girls were crying but I didn't cry as I hadn't really known much about The King and my parents, although loyal to the monarchy, weren't strong royalists.

My father made a television for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - the screen was about 10 inches in an enormous wooden cabinet but we were the only people in the road with a telly!  I remember we had flags out at the front of the house.


  1. Your father made a television? There's oneupmanship. My parents were obliged to buy one.

  2. As Tim will bear out, my father was into all things to do with electricity (he was in communications research) but one of his hobbies was woodwork, in particular furniture making - dovetailed joints and french polishing being his two main areas of expertise. I still have some of his furniture ....

  3. So do I, one piece anyway, on which my laptop rests between engagements.


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